The Cooper School Daily

This Week in Second Grade!

Measurement in our Classroom!

In Math students are learning about centimeters, inches, feet, and meters! Second graders are learning different ways to measure items depending on their size. We gave them the task of finding four things to measure in our classroom using different types of measurement tools. Many students were eager to find out the length of our classroom whiteboard!

Can you match the biome?

In second grade we are beginning a new unit in social studies! We have begun learning about biomes. Students were asked to match the picture with the correct biome. It was exciting to see the knowledge they had and all the new things that they will get to learn in this unit! Students are very excited to learn about the biome we live in, which is the wetlands!

Symmetry in Nature

Second graders have been seeing the seasons change and the leaves fall. Second graders collected nature to create symmetry leaves for the classroom. Students cut a leaf in half to glue to the paper and draw the other half of the leaf. This was such a fun activity to learn about symmetry and be a part of nature! The creativity of our students is so great!

Important Dates:

  • November 18th: Harvest Festival (11:30 dismissal)
  • November 21-25: Thanksgiving Break