The Cooper School Daily

This Week in Third Grade!


Writers have been working hard this week to complete their sequels to The Good Egg, The Cool Bean, and The Bad Seed by Jory John. Students have been working to revise, edit, and add illustrations to their pages. On Friday, students will present all of their hard work to the class! Ask your Third Grader to tell you what their sequel is about!


Although we’ve loved watching our chicks grow in the last two weeks, it’s time to turn our attention to our new investigation: water! The chicks will continue to live in our classroom until the end of the school year, but sadly they won’t be the focus of our observations anymore. We kicked off our water study by writing down everything we already know about water. On Tuesday, students began investigating water on different surfaces.. We’re excited to learn about all that water is capable of!


Third Grade Artists have been working on paper quilling with Ms. Libby and Ms. Hillary. Students picked a fruit or vegetable to create using paper quilling. They’re been creative in choosing how to portray their fruit or vegetable and the details that they included. Students are excited to bring this artwork home to share with their parents! 

Important Dates:
April 22-April 25: Virtual Paddle Raise
May 7: Virtual Pass It On 5pm-11:30 Dismissal
May 31: Memorial Day- No School