The Cooper School Daily

Thriving in Third Grade !!

Social Studies Field Trip

This week, Third Graders got to attend an exciting field trip to the South Carolina Historical Society Museum located in the fireproof building downtown. Mr. Michael guided students through South Carolina’s history from the Native Americans through the Civil War era. Students enjoyed interactive touch screen displays and a scavenger hunt to find out more information.  


This year Third Grade chose the winter holiday Kwanzaa to study for our Holiday Migration unit. We have been reading books and doing research all about this special holiday. Our scholars split into groups and studied the seven principles of Kwanzaa and presented them to our class. Scholars were so excited to share all the information they learned. We can’t wait to share our gifts with you all at the Holiday Extravaganza. 


Third Grade spent the week working on character studies in Reading Workshop. Students have discussed ways to get to know characters from patterns in behavior, speech, and predicting deeper theories as to why characters act and say the things they do. Students have been so excited to apply these skills to new characters as well as familiar friends. 

 Important Dates 

  • December 9th – 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade Movie Night
  • December 14th- Choir Performance (1:45)
  • December 16th – Pajama Day and Holiday Extravaganza 10:30 (11:30am Dismissal)
  • December 19th-January 2nd – Winter Break (No School)