The Cooper School Daily

Thriving in Week Two

Middle Schoolers have entered the second week of school, making new friends, learning about expectations for their classes, and participating in Spanish, French, Strings, Drama, and Health Education. They have also enjoyed the new basketball court that was completed this past weekend.
What a full and exciting week we have had this week!

What’s happening in Science:
Geologists inquired about various local landforms to launch our Geology Study. They identified mystery minerals using Moh’s hardness scale and other physical properties. Scientists created their own Pangea land masses by using continental boundaries, fossil patterns, and rock clues. We will begin to look closer at the processes of erosion and deposition next week!

What’s up in Math?
Students have been busy playing with, holding, and constructing geometry concepts! We are working on developing formulas and rules for area, volume, and transformations. At about 4 lessons in, I can tell the students are starting to formalize ideas and are ready to start nailing down concrete procedures. I am thoroughly impressed by their ability to work together and persevere through problem solving. A lot of math conversations have been happening and it’s been so cool to witness! Here’s to week 2!

This week in ELA…Students have started in their vocabulary workbooks. The 6th and 7th graders discussed types of phobias and worked with the suffix -ic. Fifth graders worked on Unit 1 words. In Reading, students have been learning about “writing about reading” and “perspectives of major and minor characters.” Every Middle School student has the responsibility to read for 25+ minutes and log their times and pages read in their reading logs.

Important Dates:
September 3: 5th Grade at JICP for PE
September 6: Labor Day NO SCHOOL