The Cooper School Daily

Time Is Flying!

Week of October 15-18

Author! Author!

This week First Grade scholars finished their Small Moment Writing Books, edited and illustrated them, and on Friday shared their books with Third Graders at our publishing party!  So much excitement! And what remarkable work they put into their compositions!

What’s in a Name?

In Phonics, we have been exploring our names and discussing long and short vowel sounds, blends and digraphs. This is helping First Graders become better readers as they recognize familiar patterns and sounds in unfamiliar words.

Creepy Crawly Science!

Once again, our students got up close and personal with bugs and insects. They spent time observing the busy ants in our ant farm and documenting in their science journals the life cycle of ants! Additionally, they drew pictures of the ants in their gel habitat and illustrated them. We are making those into a book for our classroom science museum.  The gel in their habitat was actually developed by NASA. Ants are fascinating! It is estimated that there are 1 million ants for every human in our world! 


Curiosity! To stimulate our scholars to be curious and creative, the question was posed this morning, “What would you do if you were only 6 inches tall?” Your creative children responded with some of these examples;

“I could~~~~

Fit through a hole,

Be flushed,

Wear mini fashion clothes,

Jump into a can of paint and turn blue, or

Slide on a leaf.”

They are amazing~~and amusing!

Important Dates:

Saturday October 19th: Stingrays Hockey Game

Tuesday, October 22nd: Parent Lunch from 11:45-12:15

Thursday, October 31st: Halloween Carnival 11:30 Dismissal