The Cooper School Daily

Time to Boogie

Last weekend, a friend of mine left Charleston. The departure made me think about how weird it is that saying goodbye brings up that pukey feeling. Even if the person is not leaving your life, just the state, just knowing someone you like to hang with isn’t as available as they used to be can feel, well, pukey…

Coincidently, Charleston County also released their School Choice acceptance last weekend. The eighth graders received notice about possible schools they may attend, solidifying that they too are preparing to boogie on from each other. The cocktail of emotions that comes along with saying goodbye to friends and daily routine, for some of these kids since they were in kindergarten…yeah, you guessed it…POSSIBLE PUKE!

Why? Why do we feel physically sick when we have to say goodbye? According to Dr. Josell, from the Cleveland Health Clinic, “anything that feels like a life-altering loss causes us to trigger our grief response.” As humans, loss impacts our physical, emotional, and behavioral well-being. When we experience loss, we have no choice but to accept and adapt, which can feel stressful, causing a physical reaction to the stressful situation. Does that mean we should avoid change? According to Dr. Josell, “loss is part of our lives and recognizing that grief impacts our thoughts, emotions, and body is part of the human experience.” Loving and losing is completely normal. Does it still stink? Yup….Darnit!

As our eighth graders prepare for their final Cooper School goodbye, and other students just to the school year that is coming to a close, they will be feeling various emotions and maybe pukey feelings as they accept the loss of this school year. Us teachers will be here to allow them to feel their feelings, let them know what they are experiencing is what they should be, and that we are here to help them if they need it. We too will be saying goodbye to our eighth graders, which you guessed it…puke!


What’s happening in Social Studies?
This week, the students dove into the Cold War! Students worked through a crisis simulation that allowed them to make decisions for the President about the missile crisis in Cuba! Students then progressed into seeing how the Cold War looked in different parts of the world. Students ended the week reading and analyzing decolonization.

Next week, students will finish their Cold War/ Globalization unit. Students will be assessed on the unit on Friday, May 3rd!

What’s happening in ELA?
8th grade journalists published their final investigative reports this week – their pieces formed an informative, personal, and well-researched 8th grade newspaper that we proudly printed for the school to enjoy. We continued review of test taking strategies and looked back over the year’s grammar concepts.

Next week, 8th grade readers will transition into a dystopian novel study unit while taking stock of the 8th grade vocabulary they have learned this school year.

What’s happening in Science?
Eighth graders finished up their heredity and evolution study. They considered why evolution explains variation in all animal species and if humans are the “most evolved” species. They looked at walking stick insects and observed how their various colors impact their survival. They also contemplated natural selection by watching a case study about rats in New Mexico. The eighth graders also had a great time at the Natural History Museum. They had an opportunity to ask a paleontologist questions about various local living fossil species, as well as questions about evolution. Next week we will wrap up our unit with a final test before they head to DC.

What’s happening in Math?
This week, 8th graders practiced using graphing calculators (the good ol’ TI-84!) so we’re masters of using them for high school. Next week, we’re going to begin a slew of Algebra 1 review to help solidify, clarify, and master our Algebra 1 skills!

Important Dates:
April 27: Spring Auction & Gala- 6pm @ Founder’s Hall
May 9: 11:30 dismissal (Pass It On for Elementary)