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Tinkering in Second Grade

TinkeringMem Fox

Students continued reading Mem Fox book’s this week. We discussed traits of figurative language, such as onomatopeoia, alliteration, and similies. They also learned about repetition and echo line, the purpose for it, and how Mem Fox uses it in her books. Last, students created a memory quilt in honor of the beloved book Wilford Gordon MacDonald Patridge. As this author study comes to a close, all students agree that Mem Fox tells beautiful, thoughful stories.


This week Second Graders were introduced to the Tinkering Cart. Tinkering activities provide a powerful way to inspire students’ interest and understanding in science, engineering, math, and technology. Second Graders developed a design plan which included materials needed, what they intended to make and the purpose for it. Students designed pencil organziers, pinball machines, floating boats, a mini airplane, and a new game. One lesson all students learned was that Tinkering promotes creativity, perseverance, and critical thinking.

Cool School

Last week, students were thrilled to learn that the school had received “The Cool School” award from Channel 2 News. On Monday, students began the week reflecting upon everything they have done this year in Whole School Morning Meeting. Each student had an opportunity to share with their peers one thing that makes TCS unique. On Wednesday, the news crew came and videotaped students doing the usual “cool” stuff. Make sure to tune into Channel 2 News next week to see our school highlighted.

Important Events

Tuesday, December 15th – Second Grade Science Symposiumn at 8:30

Friday, December 18th – ½ Day

Friday, December 18th – Tuesday, January 5th – Winter Break