The Cooper School Daily

‘Tis The Season!

Dissecting Owl Pellets

In conjunction with our study of the human body, 4th Grade dissected owl pellets. Working in partnerships, students carefully dismantled these pellets to find that they were filled with small rodent bones. Students were amazed by how many bones were found within one pellet and how delicate these tiny bones were. Once the bones were separated from the pellet, students were tasked with re-assembling the skeleton with the help of a small rodent diagram. Please ask your child about their observations of the dissection. 

Reading Buddies with Kindergarteners 

This week, 4th Graders paired up with Kindergarteners as reading buddies. The younger students hold 4th Graders in high regard and enjoyed sharing time with them, especially in their own classroom. This activity allowed students the opportunity to develop fluency as well as a sense of pride in their accomplishments. Please ask your child about who their kindergarten partner was and the books they chose to read.  

Holiday Migration Themed Whole School Morning Meetings

A wonderful tradition at TCS are the Holiday Migration Whole School Morning Meetings. Teachers take turns leading WSMM for a week and a half, representing a specific holiday, which include Hanukkah, Las Posadas, Buon Natale, Christmas and Winter Solstice. Music is played, books are read, symbolic materials are presented and students share personal experiences and thoughts during the morning meetings. 4th Graders were active participants during the morning meetings this week and they encouraged fellow peers to jump in to take part in these special moments at TCS. 

Important Dates 

12/21-1/5  Winter Break- No School

Monday, 1/6 School Resumes

Wednesday, 1/8 St. Andrew’s Gymnasium Trip (8:30am-9:30am)