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“To be or not to be….”


As we continue our journey through poetic time and location, your world travelers stopped over in England this week.  England is a country in the United Kingdom on the largest island of the British Isles.  It is home to many accomplished writers and poets, most notably William Shakespeare.  This week, fifth graders learned a bit about Shakespeare’s life before diving into one of his most famous tragedies, Romeo and Juliet.  We started with an act from the real Romeo and Juliet and discussed the difference in language.  Then we moved on to a more kid-friendly version.  Your readers learned to summarize, analyze characteristics of comedies and tragedies, identify “stock characters”, and read plays with the movie running in their mind.  Ask your child what was the most interesting thing they learned this week!


St. Patrick’s Day

The Cooper School enjoyed another fun-filled celebration of St. Patrick’s Day this year.  Students of all grade levels were greeted Thursday morning with a very green mess left behind by some visiting leprechauns.  Fifth grade was specifically visited by O’Leary and O’Malley.  Those leprechauns are so mischievous!  At the end of the day, the entire school gathered together to enjoy an Irish Folktale read aloud by Mr. Noah.  A folktale is a story passed from generation to generation in a particular culture.  Right when we were just about to finish the read aloud, we had another surprise!  Leprechauns had visited us again, and this time they had left presents in the backyard.  Students partnered up and searched for their Irish proverb and St. Patrick’s Day treat.  Ask your child what surprised them most on St. Patrick’s Day!

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Lunch Buddies

This week, each one of your kind leaders selected a first grader’s name and spied on them!  They were spying in order to find something they appreciated about that student.  This is our weekly process called the Appreciation Circle.  Sometimes we do the Appreciation Circle within our own class and other weeks we spy on students from other classes!  In order to spend more time with these secret buddies, fifth graders had lunch buddies with first grade on Thursday.  They enjoyed a whole group game of Sharks and Minnows and riveting lunch conversation about vacations, favorite foods, sports, and Minecraft.  On Friday, we wrote appreciation notes to our buddies to help fill their bucket.  Ask your child who their first grade buddy was this week!

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