The Cooper School Daily


One of the most intriguing elements of our middle school program is the opportunity for each grade to go on a grade level trip. 5th grade heads towards the mountains, 6th into the magic world of Disney, 7th to space (camp), and 8th to our nation’s gorgeous capital. On the surface level, one could look at these excursions as “just a fun trip,” but the Cooper School is far from the surface level. My hope is that each hike, every roller coaster, all gazes through telescopes, and every step across presidential lawns will follow the tenets of project based, experiential, progressive learning. That is to say, I hope our sixth graders see the elements of storytelling in every ride they stand in line for. I hope our 5th graders see complex problem solving in the simple act of building a campfire. I hope our seventh graders see science and math constantly colliding as they tinker with model rockets. I hope, I really hope, our 8th graders see themselves in that capital – as engaged citizens, as future stakeholders, as reformers, as leaders.

So wish us bon voyage over the next couple of weeks! May our travels be safe! May we dive deep into what the world has to offer and what we have to offer the world!


Here’s a look at what is happening in each of the classes:

What’s happening in Science?
Sixth graders utilized the engineering process by developing their own rice crispy treat recipe. They contemplated ingredients, steps to take, and if they should alter their recipe based on taste testing. They explored methods to prevent viral diseases using glow powder! The sixth graders also presented their projects about plants that changed history. Next week, they will take off and head to Disney!
What’s up in ELA?

6th grade started a graphic novel unit this week! Graphic novelists learned the art of character and setting development through doodling. Imaginative worlds and settings emerged, which created natural conflict. Pinpointing possible conflict between characters and settings allowed writers to create the first outlines of their stories. We did tons of grammar, vocab, and ERB review this week as we look forward to final testing and the year’s end.

Next week, 6th grade heads to Disney World with Ms. Maggie, Ms. Riley, and some amazing parent chaperones!! We’ll pick work back up the following week.

What’s going on in Math?
This week, 6th graders finished up their LAST unit by reviewing for and taking their unit 8 assessment on Friday, May 3! We reviewed key concepts of data and statistics, data representation, and probability.

Next week, 6th graders will head out of town, and then complete their ERB the following week. When all of that wraps up, we’ll spend the final couple of weeks working through some review and small math-based projects!

What’s happening in Social Studies?
Sixth graders finished their Voyages of Discovery unit this week with different mapping and writing activities! Students were asked to create a poem for a voyager, just as Columbus has one for their final assessment!

Next week, the students will be in Disney before ERB testing the following week!

Important Dates:
May 9: 11:30 dismissal (Pass It On for Elementary School)
May 6-9: 6th Grade Orlando Trip
May 8th-10th: 7th Grade Space Camp Trip
May 13th-16th: 8th Grade Washington, D.C. Trip
May 14th-17th: 5th Grade GRP Trip
May 24th: Teacher Work Day (No School)
May 27th: Memorial Day (No School)
May 30th: 11:30 Dismissal & 8th Grade Graduation
May 31st: Field Day & 11:30 Dismissal