The Cooper School Daily

Trees and Poetry!!!

Angel Oak

Kindergarten tree enthusiasts were delighted to visit the Angel Oak tree on Wednesday. Kindergarteners were put into small groups to investigate and explore this magnificent tree.  They marveled at the octopus-like branches, learned what lichen is, saw knotholes and tree bunions, and really enjoyed seeing where all the animals live. Kindergarteners then used their artistic abilities to draw a sketch of the angel oak and labeled things they saw. Last, your poetic child wrote a poem about the tree. It was a wonderful study trip!

Tribute Poem

On Tuesday morning, students gathered in the library for a very special Whole School Writing Workshop. Every year on this day, teachers and students join together to write poetry that will honor the charity chosen for Pass It On. The tribute poem this year will relate to the Charleston Animal Society. Students wrote and shared poems that described big feelings, extended metaphors, and took on a different perspective. Students of every grade level will submit their poems and all TCS students vote on their favorite. Once established, it gets to be on the very first page of the Pass-It-On book.

Can You Haiku?

This week brave readers and writers explored haiku poetry through the reading and writing of these 3 lined expressions. Kindergarteners have been busy composing haikus about nature. They know these special poems are usually said in one breath and have a line to tell when, where and what the haiku is about. Kindergarteners were very excited to learn more about poetry! Ask your young poet what they learned about haikus this week!

Important Dates:

·      Friday, March 24             Stingray Family Fun Night, 7-9:30 pm

·      Saturday, March 25         Planting Party, 9-12

·      Thursday, March 30        Parent Forum, 5:45-6:45 pm

·      Monday, April 10 – 17    Spring Break, No School