The Cooper School Daily

Trees, Trees, Trees !!

Diving Into Our Tree Study

Our scientists have been busy observing our school’s trees! Students collaborated to measure and find the circumference of two different trees. They have noticed that there are a wide variety of trees. Students also observed that trees have different types of bark, leaves, and branches. We examined nuts, seeds, cones, flowers, and twigs! Young scientists compared deciduous trees to evergreen trees, noting that deciduous tree leaves turn vibrant colors in the fall while evergreen leaves stay green all year. Kindergarteners have been observing trees and illustrating their observations in our Tree Observation Journal. Ask your young scientist what they learned about trees this week!


Kindergarteners Help Choose a Charity

Cooper School students collaborated during Whole School Morning Meetings this week to study this year’s tribute for Pass it On. Students had the opportunity to vote on three organizations that they were inspired by and would like to support. The organizations were The South Carolina Wildlife Federation, Earthwatch, and The Giraffe Conservation Foundation. The foundation that was chosen will be announced during carpool today. Ask your scholar which one was chosen!


Tie-Dye T-Shirts

On Tuesday, Kindergarten scholars got to participate in tie dying their white t-shirts. Kindergartners were thrilled to the gills to make these specials t-shirts. Kindergartners were able to choose their very own designs for their t-shirts. They were able to pick a bullseye design, circles or just a random design. Kindergartners put their own rubber bands on the shirts and were able to select the colors they wanted to use. They even got to pour the color all by themselves. Our Kindergarten artists can’t wait to show you their fabulous T-shirts.

Important Dates:

  • Spring Break – March 25-29th
  • Spring Planting Party – Saturday April 6th