The Cooper School Daily

Trick or Treat!


The Cooper School has many fun traditions and the Halloween Carnival is one of them! Every year, Fifth Graders host a carnival for the rest of the students. This homemade carnival is a little different every year but is always full of fun. Third Graders loved wearing their costumes to school and taking part in fun Halloween activities and choir time. The Carnival was the highlight of the day, with a haunted house, fortune teller, candy cave, and so much more!


Along with our nonfiction reading, Third Graders have been enjoying the nonfiction-writing unit! The Art of Informational Writing allows students to become the teachers and write about a topic they know a lot about. Students have chosen to write about sports, pets, volcanoes, the fall of the dinosaurs, and Pokémon. The beginning of this unit has been about the importance of organization and setting yourself up for success. Students have written their table of contents, planned the best order to write in, and discussed what they’re going to write until they feel ready to burst with their information. Now we are ready to write, write, write!


Third Graders love learning new vocabulary words! Our Vocabulary Workshop works on a two-week cycle that introduces ten new words in the context of a story or article. Students then work with, study, and explore those words through a multitude of ways, from direct instruction, to reading, writing, acting, and drawing. By the end of the two weeks, students are familiar with the words and often begin to use them in their writing and speech. You can support your Third Grader by using their words in everyday speech and encouraging them to do the same!

Important Dates:

  • Wednesday, November 8th  Picture Day
  • Monday, November 13th      Conferences, 11:30 Dismissal
  • Tuesday, November 14th      Conferences, 11:30 Dismissal
  • Wednesday, October 15th    Make up Picture Day
  • Monday, November 20th      Harvest Feast, 11:30 Dismissal
  • Tuesday, November 21st      Thanksgiving Break, No School
  • Monday, November 27th      School Resumes