The Cooper School Daily

Tucan Tacos

Bird Study

Second Graders have become quite proficient internet researchers! Using trusted resources, students have been looking up all kinds of fascinating things about their independent study birds. They have focused on their habitats and what they use to build their nests. We were super interested when we learned that some birds don’t build nests, they just use abandoned nests! Second graders were especially excited to learn about the eggs and nestlings. Ask your second grader if their bird’s egg is bigger or smaller than a chicken egg?

Imaginative Play

Imaginative play is important for all ages and is especially enjoyed by Second Graders. This week, students were incorporating many things we have been studying in the classroom while playing outside. During this free playtime, students created Tucan Tacos. While they were having lots of fun, the learning was evident to teachers! They were playing with alliteration, from poetry study. They were using birds, from bird study. They were counting money and splitting things in half, from math. And they were having a blast!


This week, Second Graders have been learning all about halves, fourths, and thirds. This fraction work has looked at splitting shapes into equal parts and identifying what fraction of a shape has been colored. The fun work comes when we start thinking about splitting pizzas into fractions or even cake! Practice using these fractions at home with your Second Grader!

Important Dates

Next week is Spirit Week!

5/24 Hat Day

5/25 Wear your Favorite Shirt

5/26 Wear your Favorite Color

5/26 Silly Sock Day

5/27 Pajama Day

5/31 No School – Memorial Day

6/3 Field Day, Half Day, Last Day of School!