The Cooper School Daily

Twas the week before break…

Twas the week before break…

‘Twas the week before break and all through the school

The students were studying for final assessments… they didn’t think this was too cool.

The weather has begun to get chilly, and the students are getting a little silly

The teachers are hanging on with lots of love and care,

And attempting to be quite fair

Technology is working *kinda*; middle schoolers presented the traditions of kwanzaa 

The end of the 2021 school year is coming near

As we only have a few months left after the New Year!

As this poem is meant to add joy and a smile

Knowing that education always goes the extra mile

We are all ready for a nice long break, We hope everyone stays safe for goodness sake

Take this time to sit back and relax, don’t forget to eat all the treats and snacks!

Wishing everyone a happy holiday, cheers to the new year, we finally made it here! 


Lindsay, Riley, and Ev

Here’s a look at what is happening in each of the classes: 

What’s happening in Social Studies:

Yay! Seventh grade finished and completed their first big presentation for the school year! I was so proud watching them share their hard work with you all. Every single one of the girls nailed their speech! We briefly started our next unit on ecosystems and biomimicry. The scientists contemplated what nature can teach us about solving technological challenges.  When we return from break, we will delve deeply into our new unit…I am so excited!

What’s up in Math?

This week, students had the opportunity to showcase their solving equation skills on the Unit 3 Assessment. We took a mock test, reviewed and corrected answers, and then took the real deal on Wednesday! We will start Unit 4 when we return from break! Unit 4 covers more of solving equations and also introduces inequalities. Students will be discovering how to read, write, analyze, and interpret inequalities as they pertain to real life situations and variables. I hope everyone has a happy break! 

What’s happening in ELA:

Seventh graders continued to work on their research topics. They are tackling tough topics on the following: gun violence, gender equality, and climate change. Your young ladies are enthusiastic researchers.  Please make sure they take time to read during their Winter Break. I look forward to hearing all about their time off when we return in January.

Important Dates:

December 20th – January 3rd: Winter Break

January 4th: School Resumes