The Cooper School Daily

Twas the week before break…

‘Twas the week before break and all through the school
The students were studying for final assessments… they didn’t think this was too cool.
The weather has begun to get chilly, and the students are getting a little silly
The teachers are hanging on with lots of love and care,
And attempting to be quite fair
Technology is working *kinda*; middle schoolers presented the traditions of kwanzaa
The end of the 2021 school year is coming near
As we only have a few months left after the New Year!
As this poem is meant to add joy and a smile
Knowing that education always goes the extra mile
We are all ready for a nice long break, We hope everyone stays safe for goodness sake
Take this time to sit back and relax, don’t forget to eat all the treats and snacks!
Wishing everyone a happy holiday, cheers to the new year, we finally made it here!

Lindsay, Riley, and Ev

Here’s a look at what is happening in each of the classes:

What’s happening in Social Studies:
This week, historians delved into the fall of feudalism. They researched and unpacked the Magna Carta, then discussed its impact on our own constitutional rights. Historians also learned about the Hundred Years War and the heroine Joan of Arc. They explored a topic about the Hundred Years War more in-depth and presented their findings to the class with skits. When we get back from Winter Break, we will finish up with feudalism and then move back into science.

What’s up in Math?
Multiplication, multiplication, multiplication! Students have been continuing to work through different strategies for multiplying multi-digit numbers. While we are focusing on using the standard algorithm, some of them have become really attached to methods that work for them. We will continue to work on fluency with multiplication facts through 12s so that multiplying larger factors will happen a bit faster and easier. We will also begin division, including long division, when we return from break. Over break, I would encourage some multiplication facts drilling! Happy Holidays, everyone!

What’s happening in ELA:
Fifth Graders continued their work on reading nonfiction and identifying main idea and supporting details. Please make sure they take time to read during their Winter Break. I look forward to hearing all about their time off when we return in January.
Important Dates:

December 20th – January 3rd: Winter Break
January 4th: School Resumes