The Cooper School Daily

Two Guest Experts!

Whole School Writing Workshop
Cooper School students got a special treat on Tuesday. A Whole-School Writing Workshop! This annual event is one that is eagerly awaited by students and teachers alike. In the library and 5th grade classroom, with the sliding doors open, the entire school engages in a poetry writing lesson led by Ms. Franci. Our goal was to write Tribute Poems about our chosen Pass It On charity, The Charleston Animal Society. Students from all grades sat together and helped each other to create some excellent poems. It was a beautiful example of collaboration and love of learning!

Guest Experts
This week, for our weather project, we welcomed two guest experts into our school. Dr. Gabe Williams Ph.D, a professor of physics and meteorology at The College of Charleston, came to share information about hurricanes. He taught us about the strength of these amazing storms, answered a lot of our questions, and showed us videos of the incredible aircrafts that fly into hurricanes to measure and study them. Our students were transfixed! The very next day, Andrea Serrano (The Charleston Shop Curator) came to talk to the First Graders about clothing and weather. She brought lots of examples for us to look at and touch! We had lots of questions about which fabrics worked best for different weather and temperature. We are so grateful to have such helpful experts in our community!

Our new Social-Emotional Learning strand is empathy. Empathy is an important skill to nurture in children. It helps people understand others better, it builds mindfulness and selflessness, and hones listening skills. Luckily for us, there are some excellent examples of children’s literature that seem tailor-made for teaching empathy. As we explore these books, our students will build a clearer picture of what empathy is and what it looks like at school and at home. Be on the lookout for empathy at home and discuss it with your child. They already have a lot to say on the subject!

Important Dates
•   Saturday, March 25 – Planting Party, TCS Backyard 9:00am
•   Thursday, March 30 – Parent Forum, TCS Library, 5:45-6:45pm
•   Monday, April 10 – Monday, April 17 – Spring Break, No School
•   Tuesday, April 18 – School Resumes