The Cooper School Daily

Two Main Events!

American Revolution Presentation

4th Graders put on a wonderful American Revolution presentation, this week. Scholars applied their knowledge of the American Revolution in preparing for the debate, writing their intensive chapter books and creating their Kindergarten dedication books. The stage was set for the debate and each Loyalist and Patriot said their lines with clear conviction. They loved seeing the audience respond to their presentation. Please ask your child about a highlight from the event. 

Wonderful Compliment Books 

This week, our thoughtful thinkers began creating their Compliment Books for Valentine’s Day. The theme behind the compliment books focus on peers acknowledging each other in a considerate manner. The compliment books are a true reflection of the time they spend with each other throughout the school year. After lessons about how to craft a thoughtful compliment, brainstorming possible words to use, and thinking of an individualized compliment for each student in the class, our class was off to the races with their books. Valentine’s Day couldn’t come sooner! Please ask your child about their compliment books. 

Art Walk Extravaganza

The Art Walk was a huge success! All the Fourth Graders were proud to display their works in the gallery format and view their published Artist Statements. Our class created three significant pieces for the event. Firstly, creating their self-portraits signified an important part of elementary school curriculum by discovering who they are and to use this creative platform for self reflection. Artists produced two mixed media projects, which included the self portraits and their mythological creatures. Students created Kandinsky circles inspired by Wassily Kandinsky, who created the Squares with Concentric Circles. These projects allowed students to explore art in different realms. Please ask your child about their artwork. 

Thank you to everyone who was able to come and participate in this celebration of beauty, hard work and talent by everyone involved. 

Important Dates: 

Wednesday, 2/5 St. Andrew’s Gym Trip 8:30-9:15am

Saturday, 2/8 Family Fun Night 

Thursday, 2/13 Valentine’s Day Bake Sale (2:15)

Friday, 2/14 Valentine’s Day Concert (3rd-5th Grade) 1:30-2:15pm 

Monday, 2/17 February Break-No School 

Wednesday, 2/19 St. Andrew’s Gym Trip 8:30-9:15am