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Unfamiliar words? No problem!

Brave Nonfiction Readers
This week First Grade scholars reviewed strategies to help them tackle unfamiliar words in their reading. These nonfiction readers know to pay close attention to the clues the author gives in the text. When scholars read around a word they get many clues which help them to build meaning.  First Graders also know to refer to the glossary of their text to help them understand the meanings of new vocabulary words. 
More Inuit Discoveries 
First Grade friends took a closer look at foods consumed by traditional Inuit people during Social Studies this week. Scholars spent time comparing the foods they are accustomed to eating here in Charleston to traditional Inuit foods. They investigated reasons why their diet is so different from that of the Inuit. This discussion lead to a very interesting activity comparing food prices where we live, to those in Nunavut, Canada, where many Inuit live. Ask your First Grader what Inuit discoveries they made this week!
Dr. Martin Luther King Day
Students and teachers took time in Whole School Morning Meeting last week to understand why we were out of school on Monday, and the importance of honoring and celebrating the life and work of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Cooper School Scholars from all grade levels shared what they knew about his life, mission, and contributions to our country. Cooper School students know that he was a peaceful man who worked very hard for the equal rights of all races in The United States of America. We thank you, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.!
Important Dates:

Thursday, Jan. 25th             Art Walk, 8:00 AM

Tuesday, Jan. 30th              The Opinion Pages Publishing Party, 8:15