The Cooper School Daily

Unique Solutions & Seed Discoveries

10-9Unique Solutions

This week, brave mathematicians tackled solving two digit number stories in unique ways. Students have been learning to use diagrams to help solve addition and subtraction multi-digit word problems with a missing addend, and numbers being changed or compared. Careful mathematicians are discovering that some problems have more than one step. We practiced comparing National average high and low temperatures for areas in the United States using several addition and subtraction algorithms. Students were able to experience visual models of addition and subtraction problems, using base ten blocks. Third Graders are becoming expert problem solvers!

Seed Discoveries!

Third Graders participated in a Seed Dispersal Challenge during our outdoor exploration and discovered the many ways that seeds can be dispersed from their parent plant. Science groups were given a variety of challenges and found creative ways to help their seeds survive and thrive using materials like tape, pipe cleaners, paper clips, rubber bands and string! Black eye pea seeds were launched through the air, sailed on the water, swung by string and buried all over our school’s backyard! Later this week, groups went back to check on their seeds and were thrilled to find that several seeds had germinated and one even sprouted roots into a very wet piece of wood! Each time we walk outside past photo-11our unique science discovery, we marvel at this pea seedling. Thoughtful Third Graders decided to bring the seedling out of the storm on Thursday. We are going to examine the life cycle and growth process of these seedlings in a hydroponic tank during learning centers next week. Third Grade science is fun!

Third Graders are designing an investigation to decide where to plant some of our student-created recycled seed paper! Students shared ideas of where to plant and explained their reasoning during Morning Meeting on Thursday. They voted and decided to plant the paper

Movement Monday & Celebrating

Third Grade had the joy of having Mr. Eric Melanson join us for Movement Monday during the last two weeks of September. Third Grade friends encouraged each other in a relay race with several stations, including: jump ropes, soccer balls, and even one including math problems! Last Monday, Second Grade joined us to play “Tomato”. It was a beautiful way to build community among classmates, grades and family!