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Ushering in a New Year!

EDM Rule Making
Everyday Math

This week, Second Graders began Unit 5 with three exciting math Explorations. During the first Exploration, students used attribute cards to assign rules to shapes. They then had the challenge of identifying the shapes using clues. Our second Exploration challenged students to divide objects into equal groups. In the third Exploration, students explored time by creating a game of concentration using clocks. Each activity provides students with an opportunity to review and enhance geometry skills.


Opinion Writing

Do you have a favorite book? Perhaps you have a favorite author or illustrator. Second Graders have been thinking about their favorites in regards to reading, and learning how to write about these opinions. Through letter writing and book recommendations, students have been writing about their opinions, explaining their reasons why, and using evidence to support their ideas! Brave writers found ways to make their letters about books even stronger by retelling important parts. Second Graders know to be mindful of their audience when composing opinion letters. Stay tuned for more Second Grade opinion writing!Opinion


One Word

To begin the New Year, people make resolutions- new goals to guide their lives. This year at TCS we want our students to feel that same sense of introspective goal setting and personal improvement. During Whole School Morning Meeting, Students were introduced to “One Word” resolutions. “One Word” is a relatively new trend that empowers individuals to focus on a desired characteristic for the New Year by simply remembering a premeditated one word. Students were asked to choose one word that they will focus on this year. The class brainstormed ideas like “efficiency”, “responsible” and “patience”. Then they created a card with this word beautifully written and on the back, each student explained why they chose that word and how they hoped it would help guide them throughout the year. Make sure to ask your child what word they choose to begin the New Year!


Important Dates:
Tuesday, January 12th                   Caw Caw Field Trip

Monday, January 18th           MLK Day- No School

Friday, January 29th              The Art Walk 8:00am-9:00am