The Cooper School Daily

Valentine’s Day is Almost Here!

We hope everyone is as excited as us for the Valentine’s Day Book Fair, Bake Sale, and Bingo event! This is going to be taking place at 1:15 on Tuesday, February 14th. This week the Middle School had quite a busy week between Cooper Clusters, Middle School Meeting, and beginning their self-assessments. The middle schoolers have had to have good time management skills to make sure they are getting all their work completed, which they have all done. Their self-assessments will be presented to you, the parents, in order for them to show off the content they learned and projects they are most proud of from this school year. 

Here’s a look at what is happening in each of the classes:

What’s happening in Science?

Fifth grade students were true scientists this week! They questioned where they think the most bacteria and fungi could be found in the school, then made a prediction they will observe over the next couple of weeks. Fifth graders swabbed all over the school! Students’ computers, students’ tables, even the bathroom handles have been swabbed and are incubating right now! Next week, we will start to observe the colonies growing using the microscopes, as well as work on self-assessment.

What’s up in ELA?

Literary essays have been completed! You are going to be very proud of your fifth graders. They worked really hard on this writing project. Next week your students will begin week thirteen of grammar and get started on their fantasy book club unit. Please make sure your students have a fantasy book of their choice by Monday, February 13, 2023.

What’s going on in Math?

This week, fifth graders started a new unit: More Decimal and Fraction Operations. We started with place value and analyzed what happens to a number when multiplied or divided by a power of ten. Students were able to develop some rules for multiplying and dividing by powers of ten. Next week, we will focus on conversions within the metric system. This is a very applicable real-life skill and I am excited to give students the opportunity to practice this tool! 

What’s happening in Social Studies?

Students began to take a look at the causes of World War I through an imperialism game! Students pretended to be powerful European Countries as they raced to gather as many countries as they could. Students then began to take a look into the beginnings of the war. 

Students will begin to look at the Great Depression along with the beginnings of World War II. Students will have some writing practice as they write a diary entry of someone living through the Great Depression. Students will also be working on their mapping skills as they map the different alliances within the war. Lastly, the students will be asked to compare and contrast all of the different types of governments we have seen thus far. 

Important Dates:

  • February 14 – Valentine’s Day Bake Sale, Book Fair, and Bingo! (1:15 – 2:45)
  • February 20-21 – February Break (No School)
  • February 28- Middle School Social (3pm-4pm)