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Cooper Village Construction

        Buildings are going up and our community is really starting to come together. Villagers have been busy planning the aesthetics of their business and city grid. Students have really matured these past few weeks while learning how to negotiate with their group and work together to solve tough problems. Our cartons are glued and were also painted this week. Villagers started adding our eco-friendly building materials after the paint dried and the results are magnificent! Next week we will start planning and building our houses and adding some props to the village streets and parks.

Words for the Wise

         Our vocabulary words this week were very challenging and our students tackled them with grace and ease. The words came from a great story called Montezuma’s Revenge about a dog planning revenge on his family for leaving him at home while they vacationed at the beach. During one lesson, students acted out words like “mesmerized” and “misery”. One day students drew a picture of something that “frustrated” them and a time when they felt “regret”. We did not even have to “coax” them into working hard, it just came natural for these Second Grade scholars.

Math Enrichment

         We have been slowly adding some really challenging, hands-on puzzles and manipulatives to test our mathematicians each morning. Students are now working in small groups to complete multiplication puzzles, Sudoku-type number problems, and division number stories once they complete their daily journal work. Each day brings a new challenge and the students are then asked to write and explain their math strategies using new vocabulary.

Important Dates:  

Student Led Conferences                       March 5th and 6th – Early Release                                                                11:30 Dismissal

Silent Auction                                         March 8th

Cooper Village Presentation                    March 12th