The Cooper School Daily

Village People of Grade Two

Pals Across the Pond

      Last week, students in Second Grade were matched with a pen pal from Mr. Davis’ old school in Bangkok, Thailand. Our pen pals are in First Grade and are mostly Thai, although their subjects are taught all in English. English is their second language!! Our students were so excited to write their first letters this week to their new friends in Thailand. Curiosity was soaring as our students came up with questions and wrote about themselves and their families.  Letter writing is still an important skill, and we will be sending our letters next week via snail mail.  It will take about ten days for our letters to arrive. If you have anything light (pictures, postcards, stickers of S.C. or Charleston, etc.) that you would like to send with our letters, please send it in by Tuesday.

Symmetry is Everywhere

     During the latest lessons in Math class, Second Graders have been learning the beauty of symmetry in nature, art, and even geometric shapes. Students used pattern blocks to make symmetrical art designs and then their partners had to recreate their art piece. We have been challenging students to find symmetrical items in the classroom or outside found in nature. Test your child’s symmetrical skills at home by quizzing them on items around your home or yard.

Loyal Subjects of Cooper Village

      Second Grade’s most ambitious project, Cooper Village, has commenced and jobs and businesses have been chosen. This year, our 10 businesses were brainstormed and chosen by the students. We held student-led discussions and voted for what businesses we needed in our village.  The concept and values of needs versus wants was central to this brainstorming and elimination process. Our top 10 businesses for this year are: a Post Office, Hospital, School, Restaurant/Grocery, Record Store, Veterinary Clinic, Police Station, Fire Station, Electric company, and News Station. Your child has applied and been accepted as a professional at one of our businesses. They should be doing some independent research outside of school to truly understand their duties and contributions to our community.

Important Dates:

Thursday, Jan. 25th              Art Walk, 8:00 AM