The Cooper School Daily

Visiting Experts, Creative Problem Solving and Artist Statements

Guest Speaker and Everest Expert, Dr. Anil Yallapragada

Third Graders had a very exciting visitor join us in the classroom this week! Dr. Anil Yalapragada visited Third Graders Friday to discuss his travels through India, Nepal and through the Himalayas. He was an especially exciting guest for us as he reached the summit of Mount Everest in his travels! Scholars were thrilled to hear stories of his experiences and even see some gear he used on his incredible climb!

We are Creative!

This week Third Graders discussed the importance of creativity. When we are creative, we find new and unique ways to see and do things in our world! These bright scholars know that creativity is a skill that will help them to navigate challenges. Third Graders discussed all of the ways they use creativity in their daily lives. Ask your young scholar how they used their creative brain today!

Artist Statements

Third Graders have been busy composing written self-reflections of themselves as artists this week! This is big work! These brave writers are preparing their artist statements for The Cooper School’s annual Art Walk on Friday, January 27th at 8:00 am. They are eager to share their hard work with family and friends!




Important Dates

  • Monday, January 23 – Guest Speaker, Daniel Scruggs, joins 3rd and 4th Grade to teach about musical instruments from Asia
  • Friday, January 27 – Art Walk, 8:00am
  • Tuesday, February 7 – Parent Coffee, 8:15-9:15am