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Volume and Capacity!


This week in Math, your 5th grade investigators experimented with building 3-dimensional shapes, filling those shapes with dirt, and measuring containers all in the name of Volume and Capacity! We learned that the calculations for the volume and the capacity of a shape are the same. We also learned that the volume of a pyramid is 1/3 the volume of a prism with the same base and height. Next week we will learn how to calculate volume of oddly shaped objects through the displacement method. We will calibrate a 2-liter bottle to measure mL, and stick our hands in!

Photo May 26, 8 51 03 AM


Read Aloud

This week, your author lovers finished Roald Dahl’s memoir, Boy, during read aloud.  What a fascinating life he had!  We followed him from Norway vacations with his large family, to England where he attended boarding school, and to Africa where he worked for the Shell Oil Company.  We learned that he was an accomplished athlete in a version of handball called Fives.  However, he could sometimes cause mischief at school so they would not let him have all the accolades that should have come with being captain of the Fives team.  We laughed, we gasped, we got teary-eyed.  Ask your child what they learned about Roald Dahl!


Mystery Readers

Your 5th grade ambassadors have been flexing their leadership muscles again this week as they became mystery readers for Kindergarten, First, and Second grades.  Students who wanted to read were assigned a date and time to go into one of these younger classrooms and read them one of their favorite picture books.  Before they went, they wrote three clues to help the younger students guess who was going to be their mystery reader.  It was such a joy to hear them shout for joy as your 5th graders revealed themselves!  Ask your child where they went, what they read, and how they felt!