The Cooper School Daily

Warmer Days in Kindergarten

Buildings Expert
Our classroom was thrilled to have a visitor this week come teach us all about his work with buildings. Daniel Hughes, the father of Miller, came in to teach us all that he knows about building design, planning, and making those plans a reality. Students were abuzz with questions, curious about all of the elements that go into building. Kindergarteners were especially grateful for the surprise he brought along with him for students: their very own tape measurer! We are so grateful for Daniel and all of the cool facts he had to share with our Kindergarten class.

Magic C
Kindergarteners continued to focus on forming lowercase letters during our Handwriting lessons this week. Students discovered the power of “Magic C” to help them form the lowercase letters a, d, and letter g. These bright scholars are also learning to use the lines on our handwriting paper to help guide the placement of their letters. Ask your Kindergartener to show you what they know about “Magic C”!

Addition & Subtraction
Kindergarteners have been abuzz and excited to show off all of their math skills. Students have taken off writing addition and subtraction problems and using all of their tools to solve them. Kindergarteners have shown that they can use a drawing, count with their fingers, or even use 5-groups to help them find the sum or difference. We are so proud of our brave mathematicians!

Important Dates:
February 1st – 100th Day of School
February 11th- Move-Up Morning for Kindergarten
February 21st & 22nd – February Break (No School)