The Cooper School Daily

Watch Out, Leprechauns!

How To Catch a Leprechaun
Our week was filled with St. Patrick’s Day excitement! On Wednesday, students entered our classroom to find that we must have had a visitor. A leprechaun found his way into our classroom, left a mess of glitter, and wrote a poem for us! Kindergarteners spent the day learning all about St. Patrick’s Day traditions and celebrations and brainstorming ways to catch that sneaky leprechaun! Students spent the afternoon in groups designing and building the perfect leprechaun trap! Unfortunately, we didn’t get him this time. But we’ll try again next year!

Tapping Into Sound Town
This week, Kinder-Poets tapped into their five senses with a focus on hearing and listening. Students spent time listening to the sounds around us and finding ways to put those sounds on paper. We loved getting the chance to slow down our world for a moment to listen to the children having fun in the backyard, cars racing by, feet walking through gravel, and birds chirping. Kindergarteners are experts with creatively recording special sound words called onomatopoeia. We are discovering these sounds in so many unusual places!

Third Grade Buddies
We have been working to develop cross-grade relationships this year in the most safe way possible. Kindergarteners were thrilled to the gills to learn that they have their very own Third Grade buddies. This week, we spent time doing a shared writing to create a poem for our friends in Third Grade. Kindergarteners are so excited to celebrate the elders in our building as they get to know them better (from a safe distance!)

Important Dates:
March 29th – April 5th – Spring Break (No School)