The Cooper School Daily

Water Everywhere


IMG_5100Water is the most important substance on Earth! Water dominates the surface of our planet, changes the face of the land, and defines life! Third Graders are being introduced to these big ideas in this new and exciting science unit! We will explore the properties of water, changes in water, interactions between water and other earth materials, and how humans use water. This week, brave scholars compared how water interacts with four materials: paper towel, waxed paper, aluminum foil, and writing paper. They observed that water either absorbed  into a surface or beaded up on the surface of other materials. Next week we will begin to investigate the cause of these varied reactions of water on surfaces.

Math Explorations

Third Grade mathematicians enjoyed exploring symmetry, congruence, and line segments this week. Students practiced folding and cutting out symmetric figures to identify properties. Scholars furthered their understanding by connecting matching points to create mirror images and drawing missing parts of symmetric shapes. Math Explorations allowed students to make discoveries in the concept of congruence. Third Graders practiced identifying and creating congruent shapes using pattern blocks. Mathematicians practiced connecting a series of line segments in patterns to create a unique eight-point design. Scholars then practiced identifying various parallel and intersecting line segments within the eight-pointed design. These turned out so lovely that we will be displaying them on our classroom walls!


Empathy for You and Me!

This week young minds discussed empathy during our morning meetings. Third Graders know that empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of another person. We discussed how this is not only important when someone is upset or unhappy but also the importance of sharing in another person’s joy or excitement. Scholars shared times when they showed empathy to other people as well as times when someone has shown empathy to them. We read  aloud books and listened for examples of empathy. Third Graders are great role models for showing empathy to others on a daily basis. Stay tuned for an empathy chant that students will be learning next week!

Important Dates

Tuesday, Feb 23rd at 10:30                           Third Grade Radio Show

March 7th & 8th                                               Student Led Conferences  (Half Day)

Friday March 25th- April 1st                         Spring Break

Thursday, April 14th, 21st, & 28th               Climbing at JICP