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We Are Author Experts!

Thermometers and Temperature

Math and Science overlapped in a beautiful way for First Grade friends this week. Curious scholars investigated reading temperatures on a thermometer during Math and made discoveries about weather tools used by meteorologists during Science. Brave mathematicians studied a weather map of the United States to compare the high and low temperature for various states and find their difference. These brainy First Graders can tell you what happens to water at 32 degrees Fahrenheit and were thrilled to discover that the normal temperature for the human body is 96.8 degrees Fahrenheit!

Author Expert Preparations

First Grade readers and writers have been extremely busy preparing for next week’s Author Expert presentation. Scholars have been eagerly completing their nicest neatest published copies of book reports, book reviews, book lists, and author inspired books as they prepare to create their Author Expert presentation boards. These author experts have created detailed illustrations of their author’s characters and book covers. We can’t wait to share all of this hard work you next week!

I Heart Hungry Kids

Cooper School friends were delighted to meet the creator of I Heart Hungry Kids this Monday during Whole School Morning Meeting! I Heart Hungry Kids is the charity that students chose to donate proceeds from this year’s Pass It On funds. Cooper School scholars listened eagerly to the creator explain how he decided to start this beautiful charity. It feels so good to give back to the community we live in!


Important Dates

End of the Year Picnic- Sunday, May 20th @ Magnolia Plantation (3:30pm-5pm)

Author Expert Presentation – May 24th at 8:15

Memorial Day/No School – Thursday, May 28th

Fifth Grade Graduation/ Half Day 11:30 Dismissal – Thursday, May 31st

Field Day/ Half Day 11:30 Dismissal – Friday, June 1st