The Cooper School Daily

We Are Family!

 Our Families

This week in Social Studies students began exploring what it means to be a family. First Grade friends discussed how our families are made up of people we love. They know that families take care of each other and have fun together. First Graders learned how each generation of a family helps prepare the next generation for challenges to come. These First Graders know that family members, friends, and classmates can all teach us how to act responsibly!

Dime, Dime, Little and Thin

This week in Math, First Graders began exploring and working with dimes! This is big work for First Graders as they learn coin values and ways to identify each coin and its two different sides. First Graders learned a new math game this week to help them with their coin identification skills. In the game, Dime-Nickel-Penny Grab, First Grade mathematicians practiced identifying coin combinations and adding up their values to find a total amount. Once they found a total amount they compared their totals to find the greater value. Ask your First Grader all about their new math game, Dime-Nickel-Penny Grab!

Insect Museum

 First Grade scientists were thrilled to present all of their hard work as they shared their insect knowledge at the Insect Museum on Tuesday morning! Scholars bravely taught their parents and other audience members all about the insects they had researched during our Insect Study. First Graders were beaming with pride as they shared their insect photographs that they took all by themselves using an iPad mini. These insect experts shared their insect artwork with such an enthusiastic audience! This wonderful experience ended with a festive celebration in our school’s backyard, complete with adorable insect-themed snacks!

Important Dates

  • November 13th & November 14th Parent Teacher Conferences, Half Days, 11:30 Dismissal
  • November 15th Make-Up Picture Day
  • Monday, November 20th Harvest Feast, Half Day, 11:30 Dismissal
  • November 21st-24th Thanksgiving Break, No School