The Cooper School Daily

We Are Independent!

 Non-Fiction Readers Use Text Features!

This week our brave readers examined non-fiction text features to learn how they help us as readers. Scholars examined a variety of non-fiction books and practiced locating and using four special text features. Readers learned to use photographs to imagine and understand what the text is describing or explaining. First Graders closely examined captions to see how they explain what is happening in a photograph or picture. Scholars practiced using a Table of Contents to locate specific information about a topic. First Graders know how to locate and use an Index to look for important keywords in a non-fiction text.

 Wax Worms

This week our young scientists welcomed a new insect into our classroom! First Grade scientists observed wax worms very closely during Science and noticed so many new and interesting body parts that these insects have! We discovered that wax worms have dots along the sides of their bodies called “spiracles” and they allow the wax worms to breathe. We learned that wax worms have an extra set of legs called “prolegs” that work like suction cups! First Grade scientists used hand lenses to look closely at our wax worm larvae and create detailed drawings with labels. Ask your brave scientists what else they learned about wax worms this week!

Independent Learners

This week, First Grade friends discovered new ways to be the boss of their learning during Writing Workshop! These wonderful writers know to reread their writing independently and think about what to add next. When they finish a piece of writing, First Grade scholars know to then edit their work, and start a new piece of writing. These busy writers were writing so much that they needed more pages added to their writing booklets. They have learned how to independently add pages to their booklets using a stapler! Ask your brave First Grader how they show independence during Writing Workshop!

Important Dates:

  • October 9th & 10th F all Break, No School
  • Wednesday, October 18th First Grade Parent Lunch, 11:00-11:30
  • Tuesday, October 24th First Grade Parent Morning Meeting,                                             8:00 – 8:30
  • Tuesday, October 31st Halloween Carnival