The Cooper School Daily

We Are Problem Solvers

We Are Problem-Solvers

This week brave writers explored persuasive writing by finding problems and writing in many different ways to reach their readers. Inspired by The Lorax by Dr. Seuss, students have been searching for ways they can make our classroom, school, and world a better place. Kindergarteners shared ways to solve problems such as messy cubbies, cleaning the art center, and picking up litter on our playground. When writers see a problem, they think of how to fix it, and then they write about it! By making signs, letters, songs, lists, or petitions, our students are eagerly convincing their audience into action!

Vowel Power

Our vowel power continues to get stronger as we learn the vowels e, i, and o. This week, we practiced segmenting and blending vowel sounds, vocalized these vowel sounds to notice differences and used interactive writing to build ownership and support the transfer of these vowels. Ask your kindergartener how to use their vowel power!

Numbers Talk

Kindergarten mathematicians have immersed themselves in numbers 10-20 this week. Kindergarteners have been using their fingers, cubes, and beads to model these numbers in various ways. Your mathematician has been drawing ten frames and groups of 10 to represent numbers and see them in abstract ways. Kindergarteners have learned how to decompose teen numbers, 11-20 and show “how many.” Next week, your scholar will continue to extend their number knowledge all the way to 100.

Important Dates:

  •      Sunday, May 19th River Dogs Game @ 5:05
  •      Monday, May 27th Memorial Day (No School)
  •      Thursday, May 30th Graduation 11:30 Dismissal
  •      Friday, May 31st Field Day 11:30 Dismissal