The Cooper School Daily

We are Publishers!

Publishing Is Hard Work

This week we started publishing our Narrative Writing stories and shared them with our classmates. Our writers have been waiting to read these aloud and were very excited to do so with their peers. While one author was reading, the rest of us were diligently writing compliments on each story to eventually give to the author. Our 5th Graders had the greatest compliments to give, comments such as, “I love how you used really descriptive language. I felt like I was there with you”. Now, onto opinion writing!


Home of the Brave

A favorite book in our classroom has come to an end, “Home of the Brave”. This book sparked so many questions and brought on a lot of emotions from the entire class. “Home of the Brave” by Katherine Applegate is a story about a boy who was torn from his home in Africa and has moved to America to live with his long lost family. He is having a hard time relating to his peers and fitting into this whole new world. Ask your child about this book, they’re bound to have a very strong opinion about the events that happened in the story.


Students complete vocabulary tests every two weeks. So far we have learned 36 new words! Each week students use the words we are studying in discussion, in writing, in drawing and in dramatic interpretations.  Parents can help develop vocabulary by reviewing our vocabulary words with their child and playing games like Charades or Pictionary.

Important Dates:


Monday, October 15th                                Make-Up Day

Wednesday, October 31st                          Halloween Carnival- 11:30 Dismissal

Monday, November 5th                             Science Fair Presentations

Monday-Tuesday, November 12-13th        Parent/Teacher Conferences