The Cooper School Daily

We Are Readers!

We Are Readers! Parade
Kindergarteners have mastered reading some of our classroom favorites by hearing and repeating the stories, analyzing the pictures, and connecting each page with exciting storyteller language. Students are bursting with pride and celebrated this week with a “We Are Readers!” Parade. Middle School students waited for Kindergarteners in our backyard to cheer them on from a distance as Kindergarteners paraded by and waved. Students returned to our classroom beaming with pride!

Show & Tell Writing Unit
Kindergarten writers were thrilled to launch our new Show & Tell writing unit this week! These brave writers are learning that writing is a way to show and tell about all of the special things that are important to them. This engaging unit pushes young writers to write more and more each day, filling their writing pages with brave inventive spelling and drawings with details and labels that teach. 

Snailing Around
Our class was so excited to welcome new visitors this week! To continue our Animals 2×2 study, Kindergarteners were introduced to a group of snails stopping by our classroom this week. Students spent time observing the snails to take note of their behaviors and their needs. Our young friends are such animal-lovers and could not get enough of our snail visitors. They were especially excited to watch (and place their bets) in a riveting snail race!

Important Dates
October 9th- Distance Learning Day
October 12th & 13th- Fall Break (No School)