The Cooper School Daily

We Are Six Weeks Smarter…

kpic1Reader’s Workshop

Kindergarten readers have been learning that storytellers use gestures, facial expressions, and different kinds of voices to make their voices and bodies look and sound like characters in the books we read. They know that good readers bring their characters to life in these ways to make the story more interesting.

Peanut butter and jelly reading partners practiced taking turns storytelling a page to look, sound, and act like the characters they encounter in books.

Writing Partners

Young writers found ways to add details to strengthen their writing by: adding details, labeling, and stretching out words like a “rubber band” Kindergarten writers established writing partners this week. Student pairs practiced listening as their
partner re-read their writing that stretched over pages. Writing partners then kpic2practiced giving feedback by sharing something they liked about the writing or asking a question about their partner’s writing.


Kindergarten mathematicians have been working on adding and subtracting. Mathematicians have been learning to use pictures and counting to help them see how many they have altogether and how many they have left. Young mathematicians are practicing these skills in learning centers by rolling two dice to count and add the number and playing a fun game called Domino Dunk; in which they have to add or subtract and then dunk their domino in the correct answer cup. Mathematicians have really grasped this concept and are now learning to add and subtract more complex problems through their enrichment folders.