The Cooper School Daily

We cannot wait to see you! Conferences are right around the corner…

This week has been jam-packed with a variety of exciting happenings. In case you missed it, the Halloween carnival was a hit! The costumes, decorations, and booths were excitingly creative. There have been multiple presentations being put on by the elementary school that have been enticing for the middle schoolers to observe. Remember to put parent/teacher conferences on your calendar for next week!

Here’s a look at what is happening in each of the classes:

What’s happening in Science?

Sixth graders dove into their new unit about the diversity of living things! They contemplated and discussed what characteristics a living thing must possess, then they analyzed a list of living and nonliving things to decipher if the objects were living or not. Believe it or not, some things are hard to imagine as living things! If your child refuses yogurt this week, I apologize…I had to let them know about the probiotic bacteria. The sixth graders also continued to research more about their chosen organism they will include in the tree of life. Next week we will continue to explore the fun world of living organisms!

What’s up in ELA?

Sixth grade students have started on their “Deep Study of Character” unit. Every student has a book that they will be focusing on. They have been working on their notetaking skills for their character study/analysis. Next week, your student will be introduced to writing a character analysis paper. Also, they will start on week eight in their grammar workbook.

Finally, I wanted to let you know that starting next week, all signed papers for ELA will be sent home every Monday. The signed paper (rubric) is how I keep you informed on how your child is doing in ELA. Please check with your child every Monday afternoon for their ELA signed papers.

What’s going on in Math?

Mathematicians have been exploring multiplication and division with fractions. The students are able to use several methods to conceptualize multiplication and division of fractions. These students have such an awareness of their learning styles and communicate their needs in a mature and respectful manner. We will continue going deeper with fractions and applying them to real-world situations. The next assessment will be on November 14! 

What’s happening in Social Studies?

Sixth grade had a very informative week. This week, the students were able to compare the basics of Buddhism and Hinduism before studying the Maurya Empire. 

Next week, the students will be concluding their studies of the ancient Indus Valley. Students will finish up their studies with the Gupta Empire and then a mapping activity. This activity will allow the students to see the placement of each of these early civilizations and empires around the Indian subcontinent. 

Important Dates:

  • November 7 / 8- Parent / Teacher Conferences (11:30 Dismissal)
  • November 11- Veterans Day Breakfast 
  • November 18- Harvest Festival (11:30 Dismissal)
  • November 21-25 Thanksgiving Break (No School)