The Cooper School Daily

We “Dig” Second Grade!

Dig_ItFostering a Warm Community

Second grade scholars continued building their classroom community this week by setting an academic, social, or self-developmental goal. Throughout the week students met with their accountability partners to discuss their progress and the steps they were taking to meet their goal. Partners even offered strategies to help their peer become successful. At the close of each day, accountability partners checked-in with each other and offered some encouragement and positive feedback.

Morning Meeting with Parents

On Wednesday, parents joined Second Grade for Morning Meeting. Morning Meeting is part of the Responsive Classroom Curriculum taught at The Cooper School. It teaches students social skills, gives them a sense of belonging, and encourages listening. It also has the added benefit of weaving our curriculum goals into each lesson.

Mining_out_GemsWednesday’s “Morning Message” began with students and parents placing a tally next to how they work to achieve goals at home. Next, everyone had fun finding and “Greeting” their Addition Doubles partners. Parents and students made connections while “Sharing” a goal they had outside of school. Finally, we all cheered each other on during the Coin Roll “Activity” which reinforced learning and class cohesion through active participation.


Students had the opportunity to become geologists during a hands-on, in-school study trip presented by High Touch, High Tech. The program was designed to cover concepts we have been studying in Science, and at the same time spark a child’s interest while fueling their imagination and curiosity.

Students sifted through sand to find different types of minerals. After they sorted and grouped their minerals, they classified them according to their characteristics such as, luster, color, and hardness. To conclude the program, students were able to bring home the minerals they “mined”.