The Cooper School Daily

We Have Had Some Overcast Weather, but Very Bright Classrooms!

We have been working hard this week in Middle School, learning a variety of insightful topics. We have recently been re-visiting the Peace Wheel, which has been a helpful tool for the students throughout the year. The students have been thoroughly inquisitive this week within the framework of their learning, as well as reaching beyond and thinking outside of the box. During the Middle School Meeting this week we covered how and when to speak out which the students were interested in and ready to use in their everyday lives.  

Here’s a look at what is happening in each of the classes:

What’s happening in Science?

This week, seventh graders thought about population growth, how it impacts ecosystems, and the importance of resources to maintain sustainable populations. They considered how human population growth continues to increase and how our Earth’s carrying capacity is compromised. Seventh graders learned how to calculate population density and researched the population density of the most populated cities and least. Seventh graders also finished up their invasive species projects this week. They will present them next week and then begin to brainstorm for their science fair projects.

What’s up in Math?

I hope everyone has enjoyed the shorter week! 7th graders have been introduced to a pretty big concept, SYSTEM OF EQUATIONS! We explored what a system is, what a solution is, and how to find the solution on a graph. The students learned that parallel lines have no solution and their slopes are the same. Next week, students will be able to solve a system without graphing, using both substitution and elimination methods. 

What’s happening in ELA?

This week, your seventh graders continued working on writing about reading. We identified ways we can take notes about what we are reading. Your seventh graders also worked on writing a thesis statement, reasons, supporting evidence, and MLA writing. Each student has a story they are reading and will be developing their literary essays from their stories. We did not work on grammar this week. I wanted to make sure the students understood the difference between similes, metaphors, and personification. We will work on grammar week 12 next week. I have also started a weekly “coupon” award program. Students can earn one coupon weekly for being responsible, resourceful, and respectful.  They are able to use the coupon for one free reading log day. 

Please do not forget to check your students’ signed papers on Monday.

What’s going on in Social Studies?

Students began to study for their Westward Expansion unit and completed it with great success! Students then dove back into their early units in preparation for their midterm assessments. 

Students will be continuing to take a look at earlier units leading up to their midterm assessment scheduled on Thursday, January 26th. After their midterm the students will be taking a look into Industrialization. 

Important Dates:

  • February 20-21 – February Break (No School)