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We love Art!

Fabulous Vocabulary

I am a visual learner! What kind of learner are you? When learning vocabulary, some of your linguists like to hear the word, some like to illustrate the word, and some like to act out the word. So this week we

did all of those things! Students got practice using the words in sentences. On Wednesday, each student created a word square by illustrating each vocabulary word, and they also played a riveting game of charades for those kinesthetic learners! Ask your child what their favorite vocabulary activity is.


Let’s go exploring!

Readers have been diving deep into Explorers in Social Studies and during Reading Workshop we’ve been practicing skills with riveting books such as Around the World in 100 years and Pedro’s Journal. These texts teach skills such as prediction, symbolism, and vocabulary while also touching upon the hardships that many explorers faced while looking for the New World. Next week we will start a simulation that allows students to put themselves in the shoes of the explorers while they were out at sea.



Specials Spotlight: Art!

Art is one of our favorite specials each week! This week artists are working on drawing a house they would like to live in. Students are crafting up castles, space homes, and even mushrooms to live in! Artists are using pencils this week but will add to their creations in the weeks to come. We have such a creative class, I am excited to see what they come up with!








Important Dates:


  • Monday, March 5 and Tuesday, March 6- Student-Led Conferences (11:30 Dismissal Days)
  • Friday, March 8- Explorers Presentation (8:30 A.M -9:00 A.M.)