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We Love Bees!

Bee Study


This week students received their research topic for the Bee Presentation! They were super excited to begin researching their topic and making plans for putting together their portion of the class iMovie. Students have been using their iPads and books to research facts, find and take pictures, and write the narration they will include. Next week we begin filming!

   Honey Tasting

photo-nov-04-1-21-34-pm photo-nov-04-1-27-47-pm

It is with great anticipation that the Fourth Graders finally got to do the honey tasting! Students discussed a wide variety of words that can be used to describe honey and then did a blind tasting. They tried to use these words and brief descriptions to determine which honey they were enjoying. Ask your student what their favorite type of honey is!

Halloween Carnival

photo-oct-31-9-31-26-amOur annual Halloween Carnival was a hit! The fourth graders paid special attention, knowing that they will be the ones to host it next year. It was so much fun to see everyone in costumes, including some parents and younger siblings. Students bobbed for brains, toured the haunted play structure, went on a ghost walk, and so much more! The best part was all the super creative costumes.




photo-nov-04-8-09-56-amDiwali is the Hindu festival of lights and is celebrated each fall. Here at The Cooper School we celebrate by educating our students on this cultural holiday and joining in lighting a candle to symbolize the light inside each of us. This Friday at Whole School Morning Meeting, students got to learn more about this festival from the Patel and Chowdri families. Students especially loved the video that showed the many different regions and countries that celebrate this holiday. Fourth grade parent, Mosmi, then did rongoli making with our class. This is a traditional sand art ritual that students love to take part in! Happy Diwali everyone!



Important Dates:

  • Wednesday, November 9 – Parent Coffee
  • Monday, November 14 – Parent Teacher Conferences, 11:30 Dismissal
  • Tuesday, November 15 – Parent Teacher Conferences, 11:30 Dismissal
  • Friday, November 18 – Bee Presentation, 1:45
  • Tuesday, November 22 – Harvest Feast, 11:30 Dismissal
  • November 23 – 27 – Thanksgiving Break, No School