The Cooper School Daily

Week of April 11th

The azaleas are blooming on campus and spring is in full swing for First Grade! This week, students have been researching their chosen authors, learning more about measurement, and rehearsing for our Spring Choir Concert. Read on for an inside look at this week in First Grade. 

Author Expert

This week, First Graders dove into our Author Expert study! Each student has collected books from home, the classroom, and our TCS library to explore over the next several weeks. Below, students read books written by their authors to identify the extrinsic and intrinsic characteristics of a favorite book character. 


In math this week students zoomed in on utilizing cubes as a standardized unit of measure. Students worked in groups to measure items around the classroom. Below, a group works to measure the height of one of their classmates! This unit is building upon concepts learned throughout the year as students apply their knowledge of tens, ones, and double digit addition to solve real world math problems. 

Spring Concert

On April 26th, our students will be performing in our Spring Choir Concert. First Graders have been rehearsing songs from Pinocchio, Charlie Brown the Musical, and more. Below, students rehearse their choreography for the musical number “Getting to Know You” from the King and I!

Upcoming Dates:

April 18th Visiting Speaker from Hallie Hill

April 22nd Flourish Spring Auction & Gala

April 26th Elementary Choir Concert

May 4th Pass it On