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Week of August 29th

Week of August 29th

First Graders enjoyed a fun filled week as we finished off our study of Healthy Bodies and dove deeper into our curriculum. 

In Math, students have been working with data sets to explore common interests like favorite pets and sports. We took surveys as a class and then examined the data to see how many students chose each category. After that, we used addition to add up the total number of votes and subtraction to explore how many we would have left if we removed the number of votes from one category. We were so proud to see our little mathematicians at work!

In Science, we continued our study of Healthy Bodies by emphasizing the importance of good hand hygiene. Now more than ever it is important to wash our hands frequently to stop the spread of germs! We explored this topic with a fun visual- dipping fingers in glitter and seeing how quickly it spread as we touched surfaces around the room.  

In Art, Ms. Henslee read The Dot which inspires children to, “start with a dot and see where it takes you”. We loved seeing where this creative process took our students this week!

We hope everyone enjoys a wonderful Labor Day Weekend! Looking forward to seeing everyone back to school on Tuesday.

Upcoming Events:

Monday September 5th: Labor Day, No School

Wednesday September 14th: Elementary Curriculum Night 5:30-6:30