The Cooper School Daily

Week of December 5th

First Graders were hard at work this week as they launched into new challenges and topics of study. Here is a few highlights from this week:


Over the last several weeks, First Graders have grown familiar with the seven continents and five oceans. This week, our students zoomed in their mental lenses to focus on North America and what it means to be a good citizen of our country, the United States. Students were introduced to various American symbols including important monuments, the Bald Eagle, and the American flag. Over the next several weeks students will be learning about qualities of being a good citizen, such as responsibility and integrity, and the three branches of the United States government. 

Subtraction with Teen Numbers

First Graders have launched into a new challenge this week- subtraction with teen numbers! Our students are applying what they have learned about composing and decomposing teen numbers to solve story problems with up to three minuends. We are so proud of our students as they pursue this high-level work!

Winter Solstice

For our Holiday Migration study this year our students are studying the origins and traditions surrounding the Winter Solstice! Celebrations of the Winter Solstice are some of the most ancient traditions in human history dating back tens of thousands of years to the Stone Age. Our students will be learning how traditions surrounding the Winter Solstice migrated to the United States along with families from across the world. We are so excited to share what we have learned with all of the TCS community at next week’s Holiday Extravaganza!

Please take note of the following upcoming dates:

Upcoming Dates

December 14th Choir Performance 1:45-2:30

December 16th Pajama Day & Holiday Extravaganza (½ day)

December 19th-January 2nd Winter Break