The Cooper School Daily

Week of January 23rd

It has been another wonderful week at TCS! Students wrapped up their Mem Fox author study, explored new math concepts, and began their Valentine’s Day Compliment Books. Here is a little inside scoop to this week’s happenings in First Grade:

Author Study

First Graders have been exploring various “author crafts” such as alliteration, onomatopoeia, rhyming, echo line, dialogue, and repetition in our Mem Fox author study! Our students have loved reading beloved texts such as Possum Magic, Koala Lou, and Night Noises from this famous Australian author. We are excited to see how students will utilize these “author crafts” in their own creative writing in the weeks to come!

Comparing Numbers

This week in Math students were introduced to the phrases “greater than” and “less than” to utilize when comparing the value of numbers between 0 and 99. Students played a card game where partners drew numbers and compared their value using the “greater than” and “less than” symbols.

Compliment Writing

February is just around the corner and our First Graders are preparing for Valentine’s Day by writing compliments to each of their classmates. These heartfelt compliments will be bound into special keepsakes for students to take home on Valentine’s Day. 

Upcoming Dates:

February 10th Kindergarten Move Up Day (1st will be in K)

February 14th Valentine’s Day Bake Sale, Book Fair, & Bingo!

February 24th First Grade Art Show