The Cooper School Daily

Week of January 30th

We had a wonderful week in First Grade! We welcomed the month of February, explored new math concepts, attended a publishing party, and learned new songs in Choir! Here’s a quick recap of this week’s happenings in First Grade: 

Equivalent Combinations of Tens and Ones

This week first graders have been exploring creating numbers out of sets of tens and ones. Below, students worked to solve various ways to create the number 37. 

Fourth Grade Publishing Party

On Wednesday, Fourth Graders visited First Grade to share their books on the American Revolution! First Graders learned about Founding Fathers such as Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, Alexander Hamilton, and more! First Graders also learned about significant events of the American Revolution such as Paul Revere’s ride, the Boston Tea Party, and the signing of the Declaration of Independence. It was a joyful and educational experience for all!

Illustrating Musical Sounds

In Choir this week students are rehearsing songs such as “I’ve Got No Strings” from Pinocchio and “Under the Sea” from The Little Mermaid! Students have also been learning about rhythm through the use of various percussion instruments. Below, students illustrate the emotions they feel while listening to a classical piano piece. 

Upcoming Dates:

February 10th Kindergarten Move Up Day (1st will be in K)

February 14th Valentine’s Day Bake Sale, Book Fair, & Bingo!

February 15th Field Trip to The Gibbes Museum

February 20th Presidents Day (No School)

February 21st Teacher Work Day (No School)

February 24th First Grade Art Show