The Cooper School Daily

Week of January 3rd

We were so excited to welcome our First Graders back for the first school week of 2023! The New Year welcomed new topics of study as our students expanded upon their understanding of citizenship, reading strategies, math, and more! Here is a quick look at some of the things we have focused upon this week:

Laws vs. Rules

First Grade citizens are hard at work this week creating their very own laws! The week began with a discussion of the difference between laws and rules. Then, students applied their knowledge of laws to topics that were important to them. Topics ranged from encouraging kindness, promoting mask wearing in public, and protecting the environment. 

Sets of Tens

Our students have begun a new unit in math this week focused on numbers to 99. In this unit students will focus on composing numbers up to 99 as a set of some tens and some ones. Throughout the unit students will be expanding on their knowledge of working with sets of ten to solve more challenging addition and subtraction problems. We are so excited to see what our students achieve in this new unit!

Reading Buddies

A new year calls for brand new Reading Buddies! The week began with a review of Reading Buddy etiquette with an emphasis on how to give encouraging feedback to your partner. Then, students were taught a set of reading strategies to add to their reader’s toolbox. Our students love working with partners to approach new and challenging texts!

We are so excited to see all our students accomplish in the New Year. Please mark your calendars for the following upcoming dates:

Upcoming Dates

January 12th Cluster Lunch (Non-Uniform Day)

January 16th MLK Day (No School)