The Cooper School Daily

Week of January 9th

First Grade had an action packed week as we wrapped up our Citizenship Unit, explored working with sets of 10s in math, and published our very own All About Books! Here is a little inside scoop of this week’s happenings in First Grade.


Our First Grade citizens have been busy learning about the qualities of United States citizens and the role of the president. During center time this week students were able to highlight the important qualities they would bring to the role of president if they were elected!

Sets of Tens

Our students have been working hard composing and decomposing double digit numbers this week! Below, students work with their math buddies to count a collection of objects using double ten frames to determine their combined value. 

Publishing Party

Our First Graders have been working hard over the past several weeks on their very own “All About” books! Topics for books have ranged from various sports, baking, gardening, horses, and Harry Potter! To celebrate the completion of their stories First Graders took part in a “publishing party” with popcorn in the outdoor classroom! It was so much fun watching our students celebrate one another’s accomplishments!

Upcoming Dates

January 16th MLK Day (No School)

January 18th The Very Hungry Caterpillar Field Trip