The Cooper School Daily

Week of March 27th

We enjoyed a wonderful week in First Grade! First Graders are loving these warm, sunny spring days at TCS. This week, students dove deeper into our Measurement unit, explored new concepts in Science, and learned more about coin values. Please read on for an inside look at this week in First Grade!


In Math this week, First Graders learned the importance of identifying your unit of measure. In the activity below, students utilize various units of measure (paperclips, base ten blocks, and unifix cubes) to find the length of a shoe. The students then charted their findings depending on each unit of measure. 

Solids & Liquids

This week, First Graders explored the various properties of liquids. Below, a student investigates the pattern of movement colored water makes when tipped at various angles. Students also learned describing words for the properties of liquids such as translucent, transparent, bubbly, foamy, and viscous.  

Dollars & Quarters

During center time this week, students were invited to our First Grade Arcade! Students loved utilizing their dollars & quarters to “purchase” various fun games to play. Below, students use their money and imaginations to use a claw machine, play pinball, and play air hockey! 

Upcoming Dates:April 3rd-10th Spring Break (No School)