The Cooper School Daily

Week of May 15th

We had a fantastic last full week of school! This week, First Graders wrapped up their Geometry & Time Unit, finished their Author Stories, and celebrated American Asian Pacific Islander (AAPI) month with some special Filipino cuisine. Read on for an inside look at this week in First Grade.

Geometry & Time

This week in math students utilized their geometry skills to divide the clock into four quarters. Students learned that each quarter of the clock represents a 15 minute increment. Students learned phrases such as “quarter past” and “half past” to describe the time of day and how to record the time.

Author Stories

In writing this week students completed their Author Stories! Each student chose a book written by their author to draw inspiration for their own writing. Students let their creativity run wild as they came up with their own characters, settings, problems & solutions for their stories. We are so excited to share their published works at the presentation next Monday! 

AAPI Celebration

On Tuesday, students celebrated American Asian Pacific Islander month by learning about Filipino culture! A classroom parent joined us to teach about growing up in the Philippines and shared with us chicken adobo, a delicious rice dish with garlic and whole peppercorns. Below, students gather together to enjoy this special dish! 

Upcoming Dates 

May 22nd Author Study Presentation

May 22nd Color Day 

May 23rd Fandom Day

May 24th Wacky Tacky Wednesday

May 25th Hat Day

May 26th Teacher Work Day (No School)

May 29th Memorial Day (No School)

June 2nd-3rd Last Day of School & Field Day (Half Days)